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Soil and Constructability Map PDF

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The soil and constructability map includes soil type areas and constructability classifications presented on top of the base map. Based on the map, premilinary interpretations can be made about the soil in the area and the possible foundation design of a building.


The basic charge of the product covers an area of one hectare. If the area exceeds one hectare, an additional charge is added to the price according to the area. 


The legend for the soil map can be downloaded here

The legend for the constructability map can be downloaded here


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Soil and Constructability Map PDF
Basic charge: 30,00 € / product
Cumulative price tiers
Quantity Price € / ha
< 1 0,00
25 4,00
50 3,00
100 2,25
200 1,25
1000 0,50
(incl. VAT 24%)

Soil and constructability map in PDF-format.

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